Internet of Things

Integrated cloud-based digital signage solution that lets you deliver meaningful messaging from your RICOH Spaces and internal communications, to your digital screens.

Ensuring you can send the right message, at the right time, to your employees and offices everywhere.

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Ricoh can offer a wide range of IoT options utilising our strong partnerships with key vendors in the marketplace. There is no one size fits all, our experts will tailor to your needs.

  • Expert advice and guidance on IoT options to suit your needs
  • Installation or self install options available
  • Seamless integration to the platform
  • Consultancy, training and support available


IoT integrates right to the heart of RICOH Spaces.

  • Easy view space availability on visual floor plans
  • Full schedule view with custom booking experience
  • Fully integrated room panel options
  • Easy sync with Microsoft Teams Room devices
  • Pre-book visitors and request services in advance


With integration to O365 we can provide you with the expected usage of your workplace. With IoT we can confirm it.

  • How are your desks, rooms and spaces used in comparison to booked data?
  • Are meetings booked for longer than required on average?
  • Are spaces booked efficiently? Are 2 people meeting in a 10 capacity room?


We have a full team of workplace experts on hand to guide you.

  • Battery Powered or PoE options
  • Under desk, in room and ceiling sensors
  • Vision/Occupancy Sensors
  • CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors
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